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MyAcxiomPartner General FAQs

Mobile Ad Campaign FAQs

What is MyAcxiomPartner?

MyAcxiomPartner is an easy-to-use site powered by Acxiom Corporation where businesses of any size may order or inquire about marketing services that help them find new customers faster, save money, and improve direct marketing ROI. No subscription is required, and businesses pay only for the products and services used.

What services does MyAcxiomPartner offer?

MyAcxiomPartner offers the following marketing services to businesses of all sizes in all industries:

What do your services cost?

Do you offer programs for resellers?

MyAcxiomPartner offers programs for data resellers, brokers, and marketing service providers. For more information, please contact us at 866-977-6018.

What is the turnaround time for your services?

What is the expected mail delivery rate using your mailing lists and sales leads?

At the time your list is ordered, it has already undergone NCOALink™ processing within the past 30 days. If you mail your list within 30 days of your order, you can expect the following delivery rates:

What if I can't find what I need on your site?

If you can't find what you need online, please contact us at 866-977-6018.

What does Acxiom do to ensure consumer privacy?

Acxiom takes consumer privacy seriously. Please view our privacy policy.

How does a mobile ad campaign work?

Placing your ad on mobile devices couldn't be easier: Answer simple MyAcxiomPartner online forms to define your target audience, your campaign delivery timeframe, and your budget, then submit! Your ad shows up in mobile apps and on mobile device web pages, going to the right person at the right time-and at a fraction of the cost of direct mail.

With a mobile ad campaign, is there a limit to the number of recipients?

There is no maximum limit; we can deliver your ad to any subset of the U.S. households in our database. Focusing your ad to just your ideal audience type helps you manage cost. The minimum campaign size is 9000 households.

What if I don't have an ad for a mobile ad campaign?

You can easily create a mobile ad here on our site. Just use our easy Mobile Ad Creator, available after you have selected and purchased your mobile ad campaign. In Mobile Ad Creator, you will be able to select a background color or image and choose text. You can have a professional looking mobile ad in less than five minutes!

Note: this may need to be adjusted again depending on the final design of the Ad Creator tool/features.

What if I don't have a mobile site for my mobile ad campaign?

If you don't have a mobile website to link directly from your mobile ad, you have three options:

Where will my mobile ads appear?

The ads from your MyAcxiomPartner mobile ad campaign will appear in apps and on mobile web sites. We work with literally thousands of popular apps and mobile web sites used by your target audience. That said, we are picky; your ad will only appear on safe, high-quality sites. It won’t appear on ones that target children nor on any inappropriate adult sites/apps.

How many times will my mobile ad be seen?

When you choose which mobile ad campaign is right for your needs and budget, your ad will receive the stated amount of "mobile device views." That number defines the total number of times your message will be seen on the web pages and apps of your target audience's mobile devices. Unlike direct mail campaigns, where you only get one shot to persuade a buyer, each person targeted by your mobile campaign may receive as much as 5-10 views of your ad, deepening their impression of your business with each viewing!

Will my mobile ads go to the same people I'm sending my direct mail to?

By default, if you order both a mailing list and a mobile ad campaign, your mobile ads go to the same target audience unless you decide to select different audience targeting for each.

Bonus: If your direct mail audience selection didn't include all of the people available in your defined "universe," your mobile ad may reach some of the people you couldn't afford to in your direct mail campaign.

Are the mobile ads delivered as text messages?

No,these are mobile display ads. This means that your target audience sees your mobile banner ad. It appears when they are accessing an app or mobile website on their mobile device that shows ads. We don't deliver your ad using "push" technology, like SMS, where people get your ad when they aren't expecting it. Instead, it is displayed when your target ad viewer voluntarily uses an app or web page that uses advertising (to make the app free or cheap to them).

Will my mobile ad be "competing" for attention with other ads?

In most cases, your ad will be the only ad featured on the mobile web page or app.

What size will my mobile ad be?

Our no-skills-required Ad Creator tool automatically selects the height/width dimensions of your ad, designed to match the most common mobile ad placement dimensions: 320x50 (pixels wide by 50 pixels tall).

Do I have to use your Ad Creator tool, or can I upload an ad design from my computer?

If you already have a completed mobile ad saved on your computer, you can choose that file as your mobile campaign ad instead of using the Ad Creator to build one, as long as your ad fits the right file size and 320x50 pixel width/height dimensions. Note: To ensure that your ad will get the best result, we review all submitted or Ad Creator-built ads before your mobile campaign launches.

When will my mobile ad campaign start?

After you create or upload an ad and we have verified that it meets technical requirements, your ad campaign can start immediately or any time after that date. Our approval process takes 3 to 5 days.

Is there a maximum number of times my mobile ad will be seen by the same person or household?

We ensure your ad is seen no more than 10 times across all devices in any one household during your campaign.

Will my mobile ads run on tablets as well as mobile phones?

Yes, your ad will be seen on smartphones and tablets.

Why should I trust my mobile ad campaign to you?

First, your purchase is backed by Acxiom, the vendor trusted for years by countless businesses for accurate mailing lists. Second, the company that powers MyAcxiomPartner's mobile ad campaign deliveries - 4INFO - is the same company that is trusted by Fortune 500 firms and major brands, delivering more than 100 million ad views every month.