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As an innovative leader in email marketing, Acxiom provides the industry’s most complete email product and service offerings. The three ways we help clients most often are with:

1. Local Email Marketing

We offer a new and unique service for businesses with a local presence that is helping businesses achieve higher open and clickthrough rates with three key benefits:

  1. Ability to use multiple, locally-focused subject lines at no extra cost
  2. Option to include printable coupons that may be shared via social media
  3. Ability to match and deploy emails based on postal addresses

2. National & Regional Email Campaigns to New Prospects

  • We can deploy an email you provide, or can help you design an email to reach your target audience of new prospects. We are CAN-SPAM compliant with a database of more than 125 million unique consumers and will help you reach the right prospects.
  1. Target List
    Help us understand your business, target audience, and what you’re trying to accomplish so we can recommend a set of prospects.
  2. Build and Submit Your Creative
    We will provide you with creative guidelines and best practices to follow after you submit:
    1. HTML version of your email
    2. Subject line
    3. Seed list
    4. Date and time you want to have your email deployed
  3. Diagnostic Review
    We will review your email and recommend changes that will help ensure optimal delivery.
  4. Test
    We will send an email to your seed list for approval.
  5. Email Deployment
    We will deploy your email at the scheduled date and time.
  6. Reporting
    Within 72 hours and one week after the campaign is sent, you will receive a tracking report detailing your campaign’s open and clickthrough rates.

3. Append Email Addresses to your Database

  1. Send us your File
    Send us your postal database; we will sign a non-disclosure agreement upon request.
  2. Append Email Addresses
    We will append email addresses where available to each record on your file.
    *Optional – we can cleanse and update any email addresses you have on file.
  3. Permission Pass
    Contacts whose email addresses are appended will be notified that you wish to contact them via email and will have the option to opt out.
  4. File Delivery
    We will return your database with appended email addresses. Anyone who has opted out will not be included. You will be billed only for email addresses delivered back to you.

For more information or to get started, contact a friendly Acxiom Client Service Representative at 866-977-6018.