Enhance Your List in 3 Easy Steps

Learn more about your database of customers, respondents or prospects by appending demographic and/or psychographic information to each record. This helps businesses learn more about the consumers in their database so they can market more precisely and effectively, increasing marketing ROI. You can enhance your list online in three easy steps. If you need help, contact a friendly Acxiom Client Service Representative at 866-977-6018.

  1. Choose Desired Categories to Append

    Choose the services you'd like performed on your file.


    Date of Birth - Input Individual (YYYY/MM)
    Age in Two-Year Increments - Input Individual
    Adult Age Ranges Present in Household
    Date of Birth - 1st Individual (YYYY/MM)
    Age in Two-Year Increments - 1st Individual
    Age in Two-Year Increments - 2nd Individual
    Date of Birth - 2nd Individual (YYYY/MM)
    Age in Two-Year Increments – 1st Individual – 100 percent
    Adult Age Ranges Present in Household – 100 percent
    Children’s Age Ranges Present in Household – 100 percent
    Date of Birth - 5th Individual (YYYY/MM)
    Age in Two-Year Increments - 5th Individual
    Date of Birth - 3rd Individual (YYYY/MM)
    Age in Two-Year Increments - 3rd Individual
    Date of Birth - 4th Individual (YYYY/MM)
    Age in Two-Year Increments - 4th Individual

    Individual Characteristics

    Education - Input Individual
    Gender - Input Individual
    Consumer Prominence Indicator
    Occupation - Detail - Input Individual
    Occupation - Input Individual
    Political Party - Input Individual

    Household Characteristics

    Number of Adults
    Household Size
    Marital Status in the Household
    Name / Gender - 1st Individual
    Generations in Household
    Working Woman
    Name / Gender - 2nd Individual
    Base Record Verification Date
    Children's Age Ranges Present in Household
    Children - Number in Household
    Children's Age - 1 Year Increments
    Occupation - 1st Individual
    Occupation - 2nd Individual
    Marital Status – 100 percent
    SOHO Indicator
    Political Party - 1st Individual
    Political Party - 2nd Individual
    Political Party - 3rd Individual
    Political Party - 4th Individual
    Political Party - 5th Individual
    Congressional District
    Presence of Children – 100 percent
    Number of Adults – 100 percent
    Household Size – 100 percent
    Number of Children – 100 percent
    Inferred Household Rank
    Business Owner
    Single Parent
    Insurance - Own Life Insurance Policy
    Education – 1st Individual – 100 percent
    Presence of Children
    LifeStages Code
    Occupation - 3rd Individual
    Occupation - 4th Individual
    Occupation - 5th Individual
    Name / Gender - 3rd Individual
    Name / Gender - 4th Individual
    Name / Gender - 5th Individual
    Senior Adult in Household
    Young Adult in Household
    eMail Append Available Indicator
    Corrective Lenses - 1st Individual
    Education - 1st Individual
    Education - 2nd Individual

    Real Property Data

    Home/Owner Renter – 100 percent
    Length of Residence – 100 percent
    Investment - Estimated Residential Properties Owned
    Home Loan Date - 1
    Length of Residence - Ranges
    Home Total Loan - Ranges
    Home Market Value - Ranges
    Home Lot Square Footage - Ranges
    Home Year Built - Ranges
    Home Square Footage - Ranges
    Home Room Count
    Home Heating / Cooling
    Home Exterior
    Home Roof Type
    Site Zip
    Home Market Value Deciles
    Home Owner / Renter
    Length of Residence
    Dwelling Type
    Home Market Value
    Home Purchase Date (YYYY/MM)
    Home Purchase Year (YYYY)
    Home Purchase Month (MM)
    Property Type
    Owner Type Detail
    Trust Owned
    Home Assessed Value - Ranges
    FIPS County Code
    FIPS State Code
    Home Heat Source
    Home Purchase Amount - Ranges
    Home Loan Date - 2
    Home Loan Date - 3
    Home Lender Name - 1
    Home Lender Name - 2
    Home Lender Name - 3
    Home Loan Amount 1 - Ranges
    Home Loan Amount 2 - Ranges
    Home Loan Amount 3 - Ranges
    Home Loan Type - 1
    Home Loan Type - 2
    Home Loan Interest Rate Type - 1
    Home Loan Interest Rate Type - 2
    Home Loan Interest Rate Type - 3
    Home Loan Transaction Type - 1
    Home Loan Transaction Type - 2
    Home Owner
    Home Purchase Date - Year / Month
    Home Purchase Year
    Home Property Type Detail
    Length of Residence - Actual
    Home Market Value - Ranges
    Home Loan-to-Value - Ranges
    Home Equity Available - Ranges
    Home Equity Lendable - Ranges
    Investor - Real Estate
    Home Square Footage - Actual
    Home Lot Square Footage - Actual
    Home Owners Insurance Expiration Date (X-Date)
    Home Pool Present
    Home Year Built - Actual
    Home - Assessor Parcel Number
    Home Bedroom Count
    Home - Length of Residence - Actual
    Home Loan Type - 3
    Move Date
    Home - Lender Standardization Code 1
    Home - Lender Standardization Code 2
    Home - Lender Standardization Code 3
    Home - Lender Type 1
    Home - Lender Type 2
    Home - Lender Type 3
    Home Line of Credit 2
    Home Line of Credit 3
    Market Value Quality Indicator
    Home Equity Available
    FILLER (was Apartment Number)
    Home Loan Amount 2 - Actual
    Home Loan Amount 3 - Actual
    Home Owner Type
    Home Year Built
    Home Property Type
    Home Loan Amount - Actual
    Home Loan Transaction Type - 3
    Home Loan-to-Value - Actual
    Home Purchase Amount - Actual
    Home Equity Lendable - Actual
    Home Equity Available - Actual
    Home Loan Amount 1 - Actual
    Home Assessed Value - Actual


    NetWorth Gold
    Income - Estimated Household - Narrow Ranges
    InfoBase-X Affordability U.S.
    Income – Estimated Household – 100 percent
    Income - Estimated Household - Higher Ranges
    Investors - Highly Likely
    Investors - Likely
    Income - Estimated Household

    Life Event

    Recent Home Buyer
    Recent Mortgage Borrower
    New Parent
    Child Near High School Graduation in Household
    College Graduate
    Empty Nester
    Entering Adulthood
    Expectant Parent
    Vehicle - Intend to Purchase
    Recent Divorce
    New Mover


    Wireless Product Buyer
    History / Military
    Smoking / Tobacco
    Current Affairs / Politics
    Theater / Performing Arts
    Community / Charities
    Religious / Inspirational
    Science / Space
    Strange and Unusual
    Career Improvement
    Food - Wines
    Reading - General
    Reading - Best Sellers
    Reading - Religious / Inspirational
    Reading - Science Fiction
    Reading - Magazines
    Reading - Audio Books
    Cooking - General
    Cooking - Gourmet
    Cooking - Low Fat
    Foods - Vegetarian
    Foods - Natural
    Travel - Domestic
    Travel - International
    Travel - Family Vacations
    Travel - Cruise Vacations
    Exercise - Running / Jogging
    Exercise - Walking
    Exercise - Aerobic
    Auto Work
    Sewing / Knitting / Needlework
    Games - Board Games / Puzzles
    Music - Home Stereo
    Music Player
    Music Collector
    Music - Avid Listener
    Movie Collector
    TV - Cable
    Games - Video Games
    Movies at Home
    TV - Satellite Dish
    Dieting / Weight Loss
    Self Improvement
    Cat Owner
    Dog Owner
    Other Pet Owner
    House Plants
    Children's Interests
    Spectator Sports - Auto / Motorcycle Racing
    Spectator Sports - Football
    Spectator Sports - Baseball
    Spectator Sports - Basketball
    Spectator Sports - Hockey
    Spectator Sports - Soccer
    Spectator Sports - Tennis
    Collectibles - General
    Collectibles - Stamps
    Collectibles - Coins
    Collectibles - Arts
    Collectibles - Antiques
    Investments - Personal
    Investments - Real Estate
    Investments - Stocks / Bonds
    PC Internet / Online Service User
    PC Modem Owner
    Games - Computer Games
    Wireless - Cellular Phone Owner
    Consumer Electronics
    Camping / Hiking
    Hunting / Shooting
    Boating / Sailing
    Water Sports
    Scuba Diving
    Biking / Mountain Biking
    Environmental Issues
    Snow Skiing
    Home Furnishings / Decorating
    Home Improvement
    Gaming - Lottery
    Gaming - Casino
    Sweepstakes / Contests
    Sports Grouping
    Outdoors Grouping
    Travel Grouping
    Reading Grouping
    Cooking / Food Grouping
    Exercise / Health Grouping
    Movie / Music Grouping
    Electronics / Computers Grouping
    Home Improvement Grouping
    Investing / Finance Grouping
    Collectibles and Antiques Grouping
    Boat Owner
    Christian Families
    Collectibles - Sports Memorabilia
    Education Online
    TV Reception - HDTV/Satellite Dish - Interest
    Investments - Foreign
    Reading - Financial Newsletter Subscribers
    Home Improvement - Do-It-Yourselfers
    Money Seekers
    Our Nation's Heritage
    Spectator Sports - TV Sports
    Home Video Recording
    Collector - Avid
    Home Living
    DIY Living
    Sporty Living
    Upscale Living
    Cultural/Artistic Living
    High-Tech Living
    Power Boating
    Common Living
    Professional Living
    Broader Living
    TV Guide

    Buying Activity

    Credit Card - New Issue
    Bank Card - Presence in Household
    Number of Lines of Credit (Trade Counter)
    Credit - Range of New Credit
    Retail Activity - Date of Last
    Credit Card User
    Credit Card - Frequency of Purchase
    Retail Activity Date of Last
    Retail Purchases - Categories
    Retail Purchases - Most Frequent Category
    Retail Purchase Activity Date and Category 1
    Retail Purchase Activity Date and Category 2
    Retail Purchase Activity Date and Category 3
    Retail Purchase Activity Date and Category 4
    Retail Purchase Activity Date and Category 5
    RFM - Number of Orders - Gift
    RFM - Number of Orders - Specialty Food
    RFM - Number of Orders - Stationery
    RFM - Number of Orders - Beauty
    RFM - Number of Orders - Health
    RFM - Number of Orders - Personal Care
    RFM - Number of Orders - Electronics
    RFM - Number of Orders - Home Furnishings
    RFM - Number of Orders - Furniture
    RFM - Number of Orders - Housewares
    RFM - Number of Orders - Linens
    RFM - Number of Orders - Home Care
    RFM - Number of Orders - Garden
    RFM - Number of Orders - Jewelry
    RFM - Number of Orders - Music
    RFM - Number of Orders - Other Merchandise/Services
    RFM - Number of Orders - Pets
    RFM - Number of Orders - Photo and Video Equipment
    RFM - Number of Orders - Sports and Leisure
    RFM - Number of Orders - Travel
    RFM - Number of Orders - Videos/DVDs
    RFM - Dollars - Apparel - General
    RFM - Dollars - Apparel - Men's Big and Tall
    Dollars - Apparel - Childre
    RFM - Dollars - Apparel - Teenagers
    RFM - Dollars - Apparel - Men
    RFM - Dollars - Apparel - Women's Petite Sizes
    RFM - Dollars - Apparel - Women's plus Sizes
    RFM - Dollars - Apparel - Women
    RFM - Dollars - Apparel - Non-gender Specific
    RFM - Dollars - Arts and Antiques
    RFM - Dollars - Collectibles
    Women's Petite-Casual
    Women's Petite-Eveningwear
    Women's Petite-Loungewear/Sleepwear
    Women's Petite-Outerwear
    Women's Petite-Underwear and Hosiery
    Women's Plus Sizes
    Women's Plus Sizes - Accessories
    Women's Plus Sizes - Activewear
    Women's Plus Sizes - Business/Business Casual
    Women's Plus Sizes - Casual
    Women's Plus Sizes - Eveningwear
    Women's Plus Sizes - Footwear
    Women's Plus Sizes - Loungewear/Sleepwear
    Women's Plus Sizes - Maternity
    Women's Plus Sizes - Outerwear
    Women's Plus Sizes - Swimwear
    Women's Plus Sizes - Underwear and Hosiery
    Women's Plus Sizes - Uniforms/Work Wear
    Young Men's Apparel
    Young Unisex Apparel
    Young Women's Apparel
    Apparel - Women's - C
    Appliances - C
    Arts and Antiques - SC
    Automotive, Auto Parts and Accessories - SC
    Books and Music - SC
    Food and Beverage - SC
    Health and Beauty - SC
    Home Furnishing - SC
    Jewelry - SC
    Music - C
    RFM - Number of Orders - Apparel - General
    RFM - Number of Orders - Apparel - Men's Big and Tall
    RFM - Number of Orders - Apparel - Children
    RFM - Number of Orders - Apparel - Teenagers
    RFM - Number of Orders - Apparel - Men
    RFM - Number of Orders - Apparel - Women's Petite Sizes
    RFM - Number of Orders - Apparel - Women's Plus Sizes
    RFM - Number of Orders - Apparel - Women
    RFM - Number of Orders - Apparel - Non-gender Specific
    RFM - Number of Orders - Arts and Antiques
    RFM - Number of Orders - Collectibles
    RFM - Number of Orders - Novelty
    RFM - Number of Orders - Automotive
    RFM - Number of Orders - Books
    RFM - Number of Orders - Children's Products
    RFM - Number of Orders - Computing/Home Office
    RFM - Number of Orders - Crafts/Hobbies
    RFM - Number of Orders - Food/Beverages
    RFM - Number of Orders - General Merchandise
    Online Purchasing Indicator
    Mail Order Buyer
    Mail Order Responder
    Credit Card Indicator
    Mail Order Buyer Categories
    Mail Order Donor
    RFM - Dollars - Novelty
    RFM - Dollars - Automotive
    RFM - Dollars - Books
    RFM - Dollars - Children's Products
    RFM - Dollars - Computing/Home Office
    RFM - Dollars - Crafts/Hobbies
    RFM - Dollars - Food/Beverages
    RFM - Dollars - General Merchandise
    RFM - Dollars - Gift
    RFM - Dollars - Specialty Food
    RFM - Dollars - Holiday Items
    RFM - Dollars - Specialty Gifts
    RFM - Dollars - Stationery
    RFM - Dollars - Beauty
    RFM - Dollars - Health
    RFM - Dollars - Personal Care
    RFM - Dollars - Electronics
    RFM - Dollars - Home Furnishings
    RFM - Dollars - Furniture
    RFM - Dollars - Housewares
    RFM - Dollars - Linens
    RFM - Dollars - Home Care
    RFM - Dollars - Garden
    RFM - Dollars - Jewelry
    RFM - Dollars - Music
    RFM - Dollars - Other Merch/Services
    RFM - Dollars - Pets
    RFM - Dollars - Photo and Video Equipment
    RFM - Dollars - Sports and Leisure
    RFM - Dollars – Travel
    RFM - Dollars - Videos/DVDs
    RFM - Number of Unique Retailers
    RFM - Number of Orders - Upscale Catalogs
    Number of Orders - Low Scale Catalogs
    RFM - Number of Orders - Low/Mid Scale Catalogs
    RFM - Number of Orders - Mid Scale Catalogs
    RFM - Number of Orders - Mid/Upscale Catalogs
    RFM - Number of Orders - Unknown Catalog Scale
    RFM - Number of Orders in 04 April
    RFM - Number of Orders in 08 August
    RFM - Number of Orders in 12 December
    RFM - Number of Orders in 02 Feb
    RFM - Number of Orders in 01 Jan
    RFM - Number of Orders in 07 Jul
    RFM - Number of Orders in 06 Jun
    RFM - Number of Orders in 03 Mar
    RFM - Number of Orders in 05 May
    RFM - Number of Orders in 11 Nov
    RFM - Number of Orders in 10 Oct
    RFM - Number of Orders in 09 Sep
    RFM - Purchased in 04 Apr
    RFM - Purchased in 08 Aug
    RFM - Purchased in 12 Dec
    RFM - Purchased in 02 Feb
    RFM - Purchased in 01 Jan
    RFM - Purchased in 07 Jul
    RFM - Purchased in 06 Jun
    RFM - Purchased in 03 Mar
    RFM - Purchased in 05 May
    RFM - Purchased in 11 Nov
    RFM - Purchased in 10 Oct
    RFM - Purchased in 10 Sep
    African-American Lifestyle
    Apparel - Men's - Big and Tall
    Apparel - Children's - C
    Apparel - General
    Apparel - Men's - C
    Apparel - Non-gender Specific - C
    Apparel - Women's - Petite - C
    Apparel - Women's - Plus Sizes - C
    Apparel - General - SC
    Appliances, Home Improvement, Outdoor - SC
    Arts and Antiques - Antiques - C
    Arts and Antiques - Art - C
    Arts and Antiques - General
    Automotive Accessories
    Automotive Accessories/Parts
    Automotive Parts/Supplies
    RFM - Average Dollar Amount Per Order
    RFM - Average Days Between Offline Orders
    RFM - Average Days Between Online Orders
    RFM - Average Days Between Orders
    Baby Care
    Baby Care-Baby Home Decor/Linens
    Baby Toys
    Backyard Nature Observation and Bird Watching
    Bathroom Furnishing - C
    Bathroom Furnishings
    BBQ/Grills/Outdoor Dining
    BBQ/Grills/Outdoor Dining - C
    BBQ/Grills/Outdoor Dining-Accessories
    BBQ/Grills/Outdoor Dining-Grills
    BBQ/Grills/Outdoor Dining-Outdoor Dining
    Beach/Swimming Leisure
    Purchase Behavior Beauty
    Beauty-Cosmetics/Beauty Aids
    Beauty-Physical Enhancement
    Big and Tall
    Big and Tall-Accessories
    Big and Tall-Activewear
    Big and Tall-Business/Business Casual
    Big and Tall-Casual
    Big and Tall-Footwear
    Big and Tall-Loungewear/Sleepwear
    Big and Tall-Outerwear
    Big and Tall-Swimwear
    Big and Tall-Underwear and Hosiery
    Big and Tall-Uniforms/Workwear
    Bird Watching
    Body Shaping
    Books and Magazine - Books-Maps for Display - C
    Books and Magazines - Magazines - C
    Books and Music - Books - C
    Books and Music - Books - Audio - C
    Books-Audio-Business and Investment
    Books-Audio-Entertainment and Humor
    Books-Audio-Health, Mind and Body/Self-Help
    Books-Audio-Literature and Fiction
    Books-Audio-Mystery and Thrillers
    Books-Audio-Religion and Spirituality
    Books-Biographies and Memoirs
    Books-Business and Investment
    Books-Cooking, Food and Wine
    Books-Entertainment/Humor/Coffee Table
    Books-Health, Mind and Body
    Books-Home and Garden
    Books-Maps for Display
    Books-Outdoors and Nature
    Books-Parenting and Families
    Books-Professional and Technical
    Books-Religion and Spirituality
    Boys Apparel - Pre-teen
    Boys Apparel - School Age
    Boys Apparel - Unkown Age
    Business to Business
    Business to Business - C
    Car Purchase
    Carpentry Supplies - C
    Carpeting - C
    Children's Apparel
    Children's Apparel - Infants and Toddlers
    Children's Apparel-Accessories
    Children's Games/Puzzles
    Children's Learning and Activity Toys
    Children's Products - General
    Children's Products - General - Baby Care - C
    Children's Products - General - Back-to-School - C
    Children's Products - General - Home Decor/Linens - C
    Children's Products - General - Toys - C
    Children's Products - General - Video Games - C
    Children's Products - Home Decor/Linens
    Children's Products-Back-to-School
    Children's Sports/Bikes/Outdoor Toys
    Collectibles - Baseball
    Collectibles - Basketball
    Collectibles - Coins
    Collectibles - Coins/Stamps
    Collectibles - Dolls
    Collectibles - Football
    Collectibles - Ice Hockey
    Collectibles - Misc. Memorabilia
    Collectibles - Movies
    Collectibles - Music
    Collectibles - Pottery/Porcelain/Crystal/Plates
    Collectibles - Scale Model Vehicles
    Collectibles - Sports
    Collectibles - Stamps
    Collectibles - Toys
    Collectibles - Toys/Dolls/Model Vehicles/Banks
    Computing/Home Office - General
    Computing/Home Office Furniture
    Computing/Home Office/ Accessories
    Computing/Home Office/Desktop/Mac
    Computing/Home Office/Laptop/Mac
    Computing/Home Office-Supplies
    Construction Toys
    Crafts/Hobbies - Floral Design
    Crafts/Hobbies - Needlepoint
    Crafts/Hobbies - Painting
    Crafts/Hobbies - Quilting
    Crafts/Hobbies - Scrap Booking
    Crafts/Hobbies - Sewing
    Crafts/Hobbies - Woodworking
    Cruises/Package Vacations
    Donation/Contribution - C
    DVDs/Videos - C
    Electrical Supplies - C
    Electronics and Computing - Computing - C
    Electronics and Computing - Copiers - C
    Electronics and Computing - Desktop - C
    Electronics and Computing - Home Office Furniture - C
    Electronics and Computing - Home Office Supplies - C
    Electronics and Computing - Laptop - C
    Electronics and Computing - PDAs and Organizers - C
    Electronics and Computing - Peripherals - C
    Electronics and Computing - Scanners - C
    Electronics and Computing - Software - C
    Electronics and Computing - TV/Video/Movie Watcher - C
    Electronics, Computing and Home Office - SC
    Electronics-Automotive/Boat Audio/Video
    Electronics-DVD Player
    Electronics-High-End Headphones
    Electronics-High-End PC Speakers
    Electronics-Home Audio System Components
    Electronics-Home Theater System
    Electronics-Massaging Machines
    Electronics-Personal/Portable Audio Player
    Electronics-Personal/Portable Video
    Electronics-Phone Products
    Electronics-Radio/Alarm Clock
    Electronics-Satellite Dish/Receiver
    Electronics-Television Products
    Exercise/Health Videos/DVDs
    Fabric by the Yard
    Father's Day
    Fine Jewelry
    RFM - First Offline Purchase Date
    RFM - First Online Purchase Date
    RFM - First Purchase Date
    Fitness Equipment
    Fixtures/Hardware - C
    Furniture - C
    Furniture - Accessories
    Furniture - Bedroom
    Furniture - Children's/Infants
    Furniture - Dining Room
    Furniture - Family Room/Living Room
    Furniture - Kitchen
    Furniture - Outdoor
    Game Room
    Garden Decor
    Gardening - C
    Gardening-Flower Seeds
    Gardening-Garden Care/Maintenance
    Gardening-Nursery Flowers
    Gardening-Nursery Trees/Shrubs
    Gardening-Vegetable/Herb/Fruit Seeds
    Gift Coffee
    Gift Coffee and Teas
    Gift Teas
    Gifts - Gift Certificates
    Gifts - Greeting Cards
    Gifts/Holiday Items - SC
    Gifts/Holiday Items - Cigars - C
    Gifts/Holiday Items - Edibles - Cakes/Tortes/Tarts/Pies - C
    Gifts/Holiday Items - Edibles - Chocolates/Candies - C
    Gifts/Holiday Items - Edibles - Cookies/Brownies - C
    Gifts/Holiday Items - Edibles - Fruits/Nuts/Cheese/Veg - C
    Gifts/Holiday Items - Edibles - Gift Coffee and Teas - C
    Gifts/Holiday Items - Edibles - Popcorn - C
    Gifts/Holiday Items - Edibles - Sauces/Syrups/Preserves - C
    Gifts/Holiday Items - Flowers - C
    Gifts/Holiday Items - Gift Baskets - C
    Gifts/Holiday Items - Gift Certificates - C
    Gifts/Holiday Items - Greeting Cards - C
    Gifts/Holiday Items - Holiday/Ethnic Items - C
    Gifts/Holiday Items - Party Goods - C
    Gifts/Holiday Items - Specialty Gifts - C
    Gifts/Holiday Items - Stationery - C
    Gifts-Gift Baskets
    Gifts-Gift Baskets/Beauty and Wellness
    Gifts-Gift Baskets/Food
    Girls Apparel - School Age
    Girls Apparel - Unknown Age
    Guns and Ammunition
    Health and Beauty
    Health and Beauty - Accessories - C
    Health and Beauty - Cosmetics/Beauty Aids - C
    Health and Beauty - Female Wellness - C
    Health and Beauty - Medical Supplies - C
    Health and Beauty - New Age - C
    Health and Beauty - Nutraceuticals and Vitamins - C
    Health and Beauty - Personal Care - C
    Health and Beauty - Physical Enhancement - C
    Health-Cardiac Health
    Health-Female Wellness
    Health-Green Products
    Health-Medical Supplies
    Health-Medical Supplies/Allergy Related
    Health-Medical Supplies/Alternative Medicine
    Health-Medical Supplies/Arthritis/Mobility
    Health-Medical Supplies/Diabetic
    Health-Medical Supplies/Orthopedic
    Health-Medical Supplies/Senior Needs
    Health-Medical Supplies/Sight Related
    Health-Medical Supplies/Sun Protection
    Health-New Age
    Health-Nutraceuticals and Vitamins
    Health-Weight Gain/Muscle Building
    High End Appliances
    High End Appliances - C
    Children's Products - General - SC
    Gifts/Holiday Item
    Gifts/Holiday Items - Edibles
    Lifestyles, Interests and Passions
    General Merchandise
    Holiday/Ethnic Items
    Home and Garden
    Home and Garden - C
    Home and Garden - Accessories
    Home and Garden - Basement/Garage Storage
    Home and Garden - Carpentry Supplies
    Home and Garden - Electrical Supplies
    Home and Garden - Fixtures/Hardware
    Home and Garden - Indoor Storage
    Home and Garden - Landscape Needs
    Home and Garden - Lumber
    Home and Garden - Masonry Supplies
    Home and Garden - Paint/Wallpaper/Tile Supplies
    Home and Garden - Plumbing Supplies
    Home Care
    Home Care - C
    Home Care-Environmental
    Home Care-Maintenance
    Home Care-Safety
    Home Furnishings
    Home Furnishings - C
    Home Furnishings Accessories
    Home Furnishings Accessories-Candles/Candlesticks
    Home Furnishings Accessories-Clocks
    Home Furnishings Accessories-Frames
    Home Furnishings Accessories-Jewelry Boxes
    Housewares - C
    Housewares-Baking Tools
    Housewares-Kitchen/Cooking Tools
    Housewares-Kitchen/Dining Accessories
    Intend to Purchase - HDTV/Satellite Dish
    Intend to Purchase - Home Improvement
    Intend to Purchase - Mortgage
    Jewelry-Gem Stones
    Jewelry-Hand Crafted/Cultural
    Key Chains/Money Clips
    RFM - Last Offline Purchase Date
    RFM - Last Online Purchase Date
    RFM - Last Purchase Date
    Lifestyles, Interests and Passions - Collectibles - C
    Lifestyles, Interests and Passions - Crafts/Hobbies - C
    Lifestyles, Interests and Passions - Lifestyles - C
    Lifestyles, Interests and Passions - Novelty - C
    Lifestyles, Interests and Passions - SC
    Lighting - C
    Linens - C
    Linens - Accessories
    Linens - Bedding
    Linens - Table
    Linens - Towels
    Magazines/Men's Interest
    Magazines/Women's Interest
    Media Storage
    Membership Clubs
    Membership Clubs - C
    Membership Clubs-Book
    Membership Clubs-CD
    Membership Clubs-Flowers/Plants
    Membership Clubs-Food
    Membership Clubs-Self-help
    Membership Clubs-Shopping
    Membership Clubs-Wine
    Men's Apparel
    Men's Apparel - Accessories
    Men's Apparel - Activewear
    Men's Apparel - Business/Business Casual
    Men's Apparel - Casual
    Men's Apparel - Footwear
    Men's Apparel - Hats
    Men's Apparel - Leather
    Men's Apparel - Loungewear/Sleepwear
    Men's Apparel - Outerwear
    Men's Apparel - Swimwear
    Men's Apparel - Underwear and Hosiery
    Men's Apparel - Uniforms/Workwear
    RFM - Method of Payment Total - Amex
    RFM - Method of Payment Total - Cash
    RFM - Method of Payment Total - Credit Card
    RFM - Method of Payment Total - Discover
    RFM - Method of Payment Total - House Charge
    RFM - Method of Payment Total - MasterCard
    RFM - Method of Payment Total - Other
    RFM - Method of Payment Total - Retail Card
    RFM - Method of Payment Total - Visa
    Military Memorabilia/Weaponry
    Mother's Day
    Motor Cycles
    Music Boxes
    Musical Instruments
    Music-Big Band/Swing
    Music-Christian and Gospel
    Music-Classic Rock
    Music-Contemporary Country
    Music-Folk/Bluegrass/Traditional Country
    Music-New Age
    Music-Soft Rock/Pop
    Music-Sounds of Nature
    New Age/Organic Lifestyle
    New Year's
    Non-gender-specific Apparel
    Non-gender-specific Apparel - Accessories
    Non-gender-specific Apparel - Activewear
    Non-gender-specific Apparel - Business/Bus Casual
    Non-gender-specific Apparel - Casual
    Non-gender-specific Apparel - Footwear
    Non-gender-specific Apparel - Loungewear/Sleepwear
    Non-gender-specific Apparel - Outerwear
    Non-gender-specific Apparel - Swimwear
    Non-gender-specific Apparel - Underwear and Hosiery
    Non-gender-specific Apparel - Uniforms/Work Wear
    Novelty Biker/Hell's Angels
    Novelty Brands
    Novelty Cats
    Novelty College
    Novelty Disney
    Novelty Dogs
    Novelty Family
    Novelty Harley
    Novelty Hemp
    Novelty Horses
    Novelty Humor
    Novelty Inspirational
    Novelty Irish
    Novelty Miscellaneous
    Novelty Movie/TV/Comics
    Novelty Music
    Novelty Mythical/Angelic
    Novelty Mythical/Gothic
    Novelty NASCAR
    Novelty Nautical
    Novelty Occupational
    Novelty Patriotic
    Novelty Snoopy/Peanuts
    Novelty Sports
    Novelty Thomas Kinkade
    Novelty Warner Bros.
    Novelty Wild Life/Nature
    RFM - Offline Average Dollars Spent Per Order
    RFM - Total Offline Dollars
    RFM - Total Offline Orders
    RFM - Total Offline Orders - $1,000+ Range
    RFM - Total Offline Orders - $100-$249.99 Range
    RFM - Total Offline Orders - $250-$499.99 Range
    RFM - Total Offline Orders - $50-$99.99 Range
    RFM - Total Offline Orders - $500-$999.99 Range
    RFM - Total Offline Orders - Under $50 Range
    Off-road Recreational Vehicles
    RFM - Online Average Dollar Amount Per Purchase
    RFM - Total Online Dollars
    RFM - Total Online Purchases
    RFM - Total Online Orders - $1,000+ Range
    RFM - Total Online Orders - $100-$249.99 Range
    RFM - Total Online Orders - $250-$499.99 Range
    RFM - Total Online Orders - $50-$99.99 Range
    RFM - Total Online Orders - $500-$999.99 Range
    RFM - Total Online Orders - Under $50 Range
    Other Merchandise/Services
    Other Merchandise/Services - SC
    Party Goods
    Party Goods-Costumes-Adult
    Party Goods-Costumes-Child
    Patriotic Holidays/Theme
    PDAs and Organizers
    Personal Care
    Personal Care/Intimate
    Personal Care/Men
    Personal Care/Women
    Personal Safety
    Pets - SC
    Photography and Video Equipment
    Photography and Video Equipment - C
    Portable Furniture
    Pretend Play/Dress-Up
    Remote Control and Electronic Toys
    Rugs - C
    RVs and Mobile Homes
    Santa Fe/Native American Lifestyle
    Science and Nature Toys
    Scuba Diving
    Self Help Videos/DVDs
    Shipping - C
    Shooting Games
    Small Appliances
    Small Appliances - C
    Small Appliances-Accessories
    Small Appliances-Coffee Makers
    Small Appliances-Fans/Heaters/Noise Machines
    Small Appliances-Irons
    Small Appliances-Kitchen
    Small Appliances-Purifier/Humidifier/Dehumidifier
    Small Appliances-Vacuums
    Small Men
    Special Services
    Special Services - C
    Special Services-Gift Wrap
    Special Services-Monogramming and Personalizing
    Specialty Gifts
    Specialty Gifts Luxury
    Specialty Gifts/Children's
    Specialty Gifts/Frames
    Specialty Gifts/Life Event Commemoratives
    Sports and Leisure
    Sports and Leisure - Apparel
    Sports and Leisure - SC
    Sports and Leisure - C
    St. Patrick's Day
    Stationery Luxury
    Sterling Silver Jewelry
    Stuffed Animals
    Swimming Pools
    Swimming Pools - C
    Telecommunications - SC
    Tools - C
    Tools-Hand Tools
    Tools-Power Tools
    RFM - Total Dollars Spent
    RFM - Total Number of Purchases
    Toy Cars
    Toy Trains
    Travel - C
    Travel and Entertainment - SC
    Travel Accessories
    Travel Toys
    Valentine's Day
    Value-Priced General Merchandise
    Value-Priced General Merchandise - SC
    Video Games
    Videos/DVDs - Documentary
    Videos/DVDs - Educational
    Videos/DVDs - Holiday
    Videos/DVDs - How-to
    Videos/DVDs - Kids and Family
    Videos/DVDs - Music/Musicals
    Videos/DVDs - Sports
    Videos/DVDs - Travel
    Videos/DVDs - TV Movies/Mini-Series/Series
    RFM - Weeks Since First Online Order
    RFM - Weeks Since First Offline Order
    RFM - Weeks Since First Order
    RFM -Weeks Since Last Online Order
    RFM - Weeks Since Last Offline Order
    RFM - Weeks Since Last Order
    Western Lifestyle
    Whimsical Jewelry
    Window Treatments
    Window Treatments - C
    Window Treatments-Accessories
    Window Treatments-Blinds/Shades/Shutters
    Window Treatments-Curtains/Draperies
    RFM - Weeks Since Last Ord - Apparel
    RFM - Weeks Since Last Ord - Arts and Antiques
    RFM - Weeks Since Last Ord - Automotive
    RFM - Weeks Since Last Ord - Books/Magazines
    RFM - Weeks Since Last Ord - Children's Products
    RFM - Weeks Since Last Ord - Collectible/Novelty
    RFM - Weeks Since Last Ord - Computing/Home Offc
    RFM - Weeks Since Last Ord - Crafts/Hobbies
    RFM - Weeks Since Last Ord - Food/Beverages
    RFM - Weeks Since Last Ord - General Merchandise
    RFM- Weeks Since Last Ord - Gifts/Holiday Items
    RFM - Weeks Since Last Ord - Health and Beauty
    RFM - Weeks Since Last Ord - Home and Garden
    RFM - Weeks Since Last Ord - Home Electronics
    RFM - Weeks Since Last Ord - Home Furnishings
    RFM - Weeks Since Last Ord - Jewelry
    RFM - Weeks Since Last Ord - Music
    RFM - Weeks Since Last Ord - Other Merch/Service
    RFM - Weeks Since Last Ord - Pets
    RFM - Weeks Since Last Ord - Photo and Video Equip
    RFM - Weeks Since Last Ord - Sports and Leisure
    RFM - Weeks Since Last Ord - Travel
    RFM - Weeks Since Last Ord - Videos/DVDs
    Women's Apparel
    Women's Apparel - Accessories
    Women's Apparel - Activewear
    Women's Apparel - Business/Business Casual
    Women's Apparel - Casual
    Women's Apparel - Eveningwear
    Women's Apparel - Footwear
    Women's Apparel - Handbags
    Women's Apparel - Hats
    Women's Apparel - Lingerie
    Women's Apparel - Loungewear/Sleepwear
    Women's Apparel - Maternity
    Women's Apparel - Outerwear
    Women's Apparel - Swimwear
    Women's Apparel - Underwear and Hosiery
    Women's Apparel - Uniforms/Workwear
    Women's Apparel-Fur
    Women's Petite Sizes
    Women's Petite-Business/Business Casual


    Adult - Soccer Mom - Behavior
    Credit Card Use - American Express
    Credit Card Use - Discover
    Credit Card Use - Gasoline or Retail Card
    Credit Card Use - MasterCard
    Credit Card Use - VISA
    Investments - Active - Behavior
    Photo Enthusiast
    Shopping - Book Enthusiast
    Community Involvement - Causes Supported Financially
    Text Messaging
    Green Living


    Vacation Travel - Leisure
    Vacation Travel - RV
    Vacation Travel - Time Share
    Vacation Travel - United States
    Purchase Months Since Last Purchase
    Travel Purchase Number of Purchases
    Purchase Total
    Vacation Travel - International
    Business Travel - Domestic
    Travel Purchases - Date of Last Purchase
    Travel - Dollars Spent - 2 Year Average
    Travel - Read Books or Magazines on Travel
    Travel – Airline
    Travel - Frequent Flyer
    Vacation Travel - Canada
    Vacation Travel - Casino
    Vacation Travel - Cruise


    Vehicle - Make Code - 1st Vehicle (numerical format)
    Vehicle - Model Code - 1st Vehicle (numerical format)
    Vehicle - Year - 1st Vehicle
    Vehicle - Make Code - 1st Vehicle (alpha format)
    Vehicle - Model Code - 1st Vehicle (alpha format)
    Vehicle - Make Code - 2nd Vehicle (numerical format)
    Vehicle - Model Code - 2nd Vehicle (numerical format)
    Vehicle - Year - 2nd Vehicle
    Vehicle - Make Code - 2nd Vehicle (alpha format)
    Vehicle - Model code - 2nd Vehicle (alpha format)
    Vehicle - New Car Buyer
    Vehicle - Known Owned Number
    Vehicle - Dominant Lifestyle Indicator
    Vehicle - Truck/Motorcycle/RV Owner
    Vehicle/Auto – New / Used Indicator – 1st Vehicle
    Vehicle/Auto – New / Used Indicator – 2nd Vehicle


    Internet Connection Type
    Internet Provider (IP) Domain Email
    Internet Provider (IP) Connect
    PC Owner
    PC DSL/High Speed User
    PC Software Buyer
    PC Operating System
    PC Software Recency Date
    TeleTrends - Internet User
    TeleTrends – Cellular User
    TeleTrends - International Long Distance User
    TeleTrends - Optional Calling Services
    TeleTrends - Top 20 Percent Long Distance User


    Ethnic Code - Surname
    African American Professionals
    Ethnic Code - ET (For Access-X Express or MyAcxiomPartner.com Use Only)
    Religious Affiliation Code - ET (For Access-X Express or MyAcxiomPartner.com Use Only)
    Roll-Up Code - ET (For Access-X Express or MyAcxiomPartner.com Use Only)
    Language Preference Code - ET (For Access-X Express or MyAcxiomPartner.com Use Only)
    Country of Origin Code - ET (For Access-X Express or MyAcxiomPartner.com Use Only)

    Health Interest

    Health - Allergy Related
    Health - Arthritis / Mobility Interest in Household
    Health - Cholesterol Focus in Household
    Health - Diabetic Interest in Household
    Health - Disabled Interest in Household
    Health - Homeopathic Interest in Household
    Health - Organic Focus in Household
    Health - Orthopedic Interest in Household
    Health - Senior Needs Interest in Household


    Marital Status in the Household
    Home Owner / Renter
    Dwelling Type


    Personicx Classic - Refresh
    Personicx LifeStage Groups - Refresh
    Population Density Refresh
    Personicx Insurance Groups - Refresh
    Personicx Financial Groups - Refresh
    Personicx Hispanic


    Prizm ZIP 4 Social Group
    P$ycle Lifestage Group **Must also include element **
    Prizm Household
    Prizm ZIP 4
    Income Producing Assets (IPA)


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